Sunday, 7 June 2009

Things Your Brain Can't Process

It's the season of birthdays here at the hovel, I have three in just over three weeks. dd2 was 8 a week or so back, dd3 will be 6 this week and ds has his 14th birthday a fortnight today. And something occurred to me. Dd2 was born on a monday, so was dd3. So why are their birthdays this year on Thursday and Tuesday? Surely they should still both be on the same day of the week? I puzzled over this all afternoon. I still don't get it. Dh said that when dd3 is 8, her birthday with be on a Thursday too. I'm still no wiser.

Some things just do not make sense to me.

I'm rather tired today, last night dh went out with his sister and her partner, dd1 went over to babysit for my gaggle of nieces. They didn't get home until 3am. Dirty stop-outs! Ds and I spent a happy evening drawing maps on the back of wallpaper and watching 'Signs' I didn't know it was about aliens because I'd missed the beginning. The suspense was really getting to me. Still, ds is an avid alien fan and we enjoyed the film. So much so that he watched it at his father's place today. He informed me that it's about the miracle of things coming together as much as aliens.
That's me told then.

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