Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Blank Page

So today is the second day of world-building. Yesterday was landmass and geography, today is beasts and fauna. Great, except I haven't started yet.

Have spent all day stuck between the Dwarf story and the surreal bus-crash. I think I'm actaully going to go for the Dwarf story. Which means more world building, a lot of culture-building and quite a lot of thinking up Dwarf names. Or I could just use an online generator. But I'm not sure if that's cheating, just a little bit.

Well, today is short and sweet, that map isn't going to draw itself and Dwarf culture isn't going to invent itself either.

And no snarky comments about how Tolkein already invented Dwarfish culture. Dwarves with beards for crying out loud! On the other hand, I could simply make up a whole new species, it certainly worked for the hobbits... how about catmonkey humans?

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