Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bored. Frustrated. Irritated.

Three words that sum up today perfectly.

One of those days where every little irritant is a big irritant, where I have more energy than ideas. Where the ideas I do have are too nebulous to pin down and every person in the house seems to be on a mission to annoy me. It's been dh's 'off-work' week and so he has been here all the time, dd1 has now all but left school and she has been here almost all day. I've had not a minute today where there hasn't been people - or the damn barky dog - around me.

Headspace. I need some, I didn't get any. Hence I am cranky.

And I'm still unable to write anything, which isn't exactly helping either. Or is not being helped by the headspace. Bah.

yours, the moody bitch.

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