Monday, 3 May 2010

Seven Things That Make Me Interesting

I've been tagged by Muddynosugar for this meme and apparently I've got to do several things to fulfil all contractual obligations and save myself from being tarred and feathered. *

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So, here goes:

1. Muddynosugar, cheers for the tag and btw, we share a coffee preference (ie two spoonfuls of coffee, no sugar, just wave the milk at it will you) and a starsign. There you go, two bonus interesting things. 

2. the logo... let's see if I can do this, for I be very new at this blogging thing and have never put a picture on here...  hmmm, not where I intended it to be but hey, it's up and on. Yay!

3. Yep! It's up there! Go on, scroll back up, see!

and now, to the main event.....

Seven Interesting Things About Me:

1: I'm A Gamer, behold my mighty weapon!

I am a girl who games. It's been twelve years since I got my first playstation and I still get a thrill when I have a new game in my hand. I've slaughtered my way through legions of scary monsters on Silent Hill, flown around a world littered with gems on Spyro, spent hours perfecting the jump, pause, jump jump, count of two, twat the monster, swerve round the hole, jump up to the box, spin, spin and oh bugger of Crash Bandicoot.  But my favourite sort of games are simple hack and slash role play games. Baldur's Gate? Maxed out every character. And it's sequel. Champions Of Norrath ? Fabulous fun. Take three friends and a forest full of orcs, dragons, huge spiders and kobolds and what do you get? Fun. 

2. I Have Several Fears That Are Not Quite Phobias But Are Close Enough.

Everyone is afraid of something, right? I don't like heights. That's common enough, a lot of people don't like them. How about the dark? I'm not quite phobic about the dark, it has to be really dark before I'm quaking, not quite can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face-dark but getting on for that. I'm a big wuss.

The biggest phobia I have is somewhat more unusual and I'm not sure it even has a name. I don't like things with blades, and especially things that combine blades with speed. Food processors, lawn-mowers, chainsaws. I hate them. I won't use them, I prefer not to see other people using them. Nasty horrible things. 

I also don't like horses. 

3. I Own Two Guitars; I Can't Play Either Of Them

I've always loved the guitar, my dad plays rather well and frequently serenades family parties. Growing up, I was always desperate to emulate him and make my own music. I begged him to teach me. He said I wouldn't practise. He finally relented when I turned 30. He gave me a guitar (electric), I bought a second (acoustic). Almost five years later, I still can't play. He was right. I did not practise. 

4. My Body Is Weird. #1

My toes are the same length as dd2's. She is not yet 9 and a size 3/4. I am thirtysomething and a size 6/7. She has long elegant feet, mine are small and pudgy. With short toes. 

5. My Body Is Weird#2

I have lazy eyes, frequently seeing double or blurred. When I was younger, I was offered either an operation or exercises to correct this. I took the exercises but eventually gave up on them. and so over the years they've gone back to being lazy. When I'm tired, it gets worse. I also sneeze in the sunlight.

 6. I Have ... Fascinations. 

Occasionally, my sister will ring me up and say "There's this documentary on tonight, you'll love it, it's right up your's about conjoined twins." Or people with hypertricosis  or telepathy, or the hunt for the chupacabra. Weird stuff. I love it. Anything that is on the fringes of normality, things that may or may not exist and things that science cannot explain. I love the macabre, the abnormal and the downright spooky. 

7. Things On Tv I Don't Watch:

Soap Operas, because you need to watch them religiously or you have no idea who is who and who is shagging who. I can't keep up with all that. 

Reality TV, because reality is in the eye of the editor.

Sports, because they all bore me witless. 

so................ there are my seven things you may find interesting (or not!) and now for the tagging... except I'm not sure I know seven other bloggers, so I'm going to tag some people and if anyone else wants tagging, please comment with your blog address and I'll amend the entry. Ok? 



Nickie - although she may have done this meme already. 

* I may be overreacting just a wee bit here.