Thursday, 18 June 2009

Happy daze

Today is a good day. I have finally cracked the fantasy plot that I've been stressing about for days (weeks) on end. So now I have something to work with. I've got some decent characters, a Big Bad for them to rail against, and a reason for them to be working together and journeying into the unknown. Well, sort of, still more work to be done on that. But at least now I have something 'with legs' and I can build on that.

Dh is back on his 'at-work' week. so he's out of my way all week. Dd1 has now left school, but she's been at the boyfs all day so I've had some much needed head-space. Still waiting for my open uni pack to come through, or rather the second pack as the first seems to have gone awry in transit. Also awaiting some money that usually comes in monthly but it's been over five weeks. Bit of a bummer, I was counting on that to pay for Ds's cinema trip next week.

Still, the sun is shining and the kids are not beating each other up that much so I'm a happy bunny today.

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