Monday, 26 July 2010

This (stolen) meme has me weeping....

aka Songs That Make You Cry.   A meme I'm shamelessly lifting from the interwebs and I'm not tagging anyone because I know this meme is ancient. 

So folks, grab your hankies and prepare for the snotfest. 

First up is this from Bon Jovi. A song that I used to have on a cassette given to me by my first love when I was barely fifteen. Any track of Bon Jovi's takes me right back to that relationship. Despite all our promises of always, we eventually broke up.  The irony and tragedy of this song was even more apparent a few years later when I received news of his sudden death. Bob, this one's for you:

This video from emo band Jimmy Eat World is also for Bob. A song he never heard as it was released a year and more after his death. I was given a copy of the album by a mutual friend who thought I'd enjoy it.  He was right, I did. I was just thinking about how much Bob would have liked this band when this song came on and floored me completely:


This one makes me cry for a whole different set of reasons. I'm a Daddy's girl, always was, always will be, and this song captures that whole relationship and wraps it in a beautiful melody and wonderful lyrics. So I'm dedicating this song to my dad, who has also been known to play the guitar a wee bit...

and finally there is this, which makes me blub for unfathomable reasons. It's just so bloody nice 

Enjoy the vids, I find myself in need of a tissue...

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