Wednesday, 7 July 2010

*Bustles in...with apologies*

Yes, yes, I know. It's been neglected again hasn't it? Poor old blog. Left for dead at the side of the internet highway whilst I was off doing more interesting things.

What interesting things? I hear you ask. Have you been out getting yourself one of them "life" things I've been hearing about? Sort of.

May was full of the final assignment writing-blur that most adults students may be familiar with, when the deadlines sneak up on you, you find out there's an extra part of the assignment on the page you didn't check and three edits and two final polishes just aren't getting your work up to snuff. Then before you know it, it's all submitted, you've had your notification it's been received and all that's left is several months of nail-biting and waiting for final results. I suspect there will be just enough time for me to forget how stressful it was and to have talked myself into the next course before I get that final result. 

In fact I'm already lying to myself here, I've already chosen my next unit. All I have to do now is apply for it. (adds that to to-do list)

So that was May. June... I have no idea where the hell June slunk off to. 

Although I did have a trip here with my son, and a trip here with about twenty other family members (and the bus driver did look pleased when five adults and twelve kids mobbed his bus !) and I've lost a whole evening a week because dd2 and dd3 are now Brownies, and I spend most of that evening sitting in a supermarket cafe reading, and the rest of it walking to and from. 

And we're into our second week of high temperatures, gripey belly and whiney child virus-type thing. First dd3 and now dd2.  It could be worse, it could be the dreaded norovirus. Although that tends to hit smack in the middle of NaNoWriMo  but all in all... life got in the way.  Sorry about that.

Although I have got a guest post coming up at Typecast this month.  Yup, I does poetry too. I may even shove some on here. At some point. 

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