Friday, 23 July 2010

Kicking off the Friday Music fest

And, for this week's music awards we have a bit of Ronson, some weird song with lyrics you can't understand and something with barely any lyrics at all.  Why the hell not. *smirk*.

So, with the award for earworm of the week is Mr. Ronson and friends with a tune called Bang bang bang which takes the old song 'Alouette'  ( yes, you know it, but, if you're anything like me, have no concept of what the song is actually about - plucking feathers it turns out. And let me tell you, when the woman on the video sings about plucking, it's amazing how much PL sounds like F ) and mixes it up with a bit of rap, some keyboardy stuff and comes out with something that sticks in your head all week. Yes, you're welcome. 

This song also has lyrics in another language, but whilst a French speaker would understand Ronson's effort, this tune is mostly unintelligible. Winning my 'what the hell is he actually singing?' award is Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP's We no speak americano .  I'm putting this here because my daughter keeps playing it. It's not quite an earworm but it is really annoying and I just know it'll be in the top ten next week. 

Lastly, but not least is My Dirge by Sxip Shirey , here providing the background music for a snippet of a show called Sxip's Hour Of Charm. Winning the 'wish I had tickets to that show' award. Sxip's music is a whole world away from either of the other two songs here. It's strange, otherworldly and ethereal yet other pieces are beatboxy and urban. I came across his work whilst looking for video's by my favourite artist Jason Webley  and was entranced by all the different sounds this guy can make with marbles, bowls and various bits of metal. Well worth checking out. 

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  1. Sxip's music is certainly something different, and I loved the acrobatics on the giant hula hoop. X