Friday, 3 July 2009

Some Days It Feels Like The Universe Is Conspiring Against You

So it's just past eight in the morning, I'm racing around finding socks, suncream and glasses "Well where did you leave them? Why are they not on the shelf?" Then shoes... "Why have you only got one? This is why we have a shoebox!" I'm half dressed and my coffee is untouched and going cold, then the phone rings.

Dd1's school. They need to get hold of her for unfinished work and the deadline is today, is she there? No, she's over at her mates house and she doesn't have her phone.

I race to school and drop dd2 and dd3 off. I've got time to go home, have breakfast and then off into town to sort out all the documentation for my open uni application.

Back home and I'm just finishing breakfast and the phone rings. Dd3's school teacher, can I come up and see dd3, her eye is streaming. Back up to school, she's got suncream in it and it's red. They have given her a wet tissue. They ask me what I normally do. Um, a wet tissue?

Back home, chug half a cup of cold coffee, grab my bag and into town. First to the library to print off the forms. All well and good, except the printer would only print one sheet at a time and was half way across the (massive) library. Cue much running, muttering and printing.

Up to the registry office to apply for a birth certificate. The time was about ten to 12, they smile and tell me it'll be ready at 2pm. ffs

Did I mention that it was pissing it down? And that I, because it was merely overcast when I set off, was dressed in a teeshirt and pants?

Fine, two hours to kill. I'll go get the financial award thing signed. It says housing office, I go to the housing office. They can't sign it because they are now a housing trust. Down to the tax office. They can't sign it because it needs to have someone look at my file and they don't have access. Over to BDirect and join the queue. Finally, someone with a wee bit of authority stamps the damn form.

Did I mention the pissing rain? By this time I'm dripping wet. An hour to kill and I'm thinking coffee. So into a small, warm cafe I dripped. Lovely coffee, shame about the bloody cup. Twice as wide as it was tall, and with a handle not even a thin-fingered dwarf could get a pinkie through.

Back to the registry office to pick up my birth certificate. It's a horrible yellow, what happened to the pink ones? Urgh. Then home to drop my stuff off and back to school, where I wait very patiently for someone else with authority to certify my birth certificate.

And now, at last, back home. I think I'm almost dry now. I should have gone yesterday, I'm sure it wouldn't have been so bad in the sunshine

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